Best Boot Forward

Best Boot Forward

What is Best Boot Forward?

Best Boot Forward is an initiative run by me, Chloe, here at Indigo Wilderness and Kate at Kate on Thin Ice. It was set up to help women take small steps toward their goals in 2018 and beyond. We do this by posting optional weekly challenges, questions and discussion points; by supporting one another via our Best Boot Forward Community on Facebook and by sharing inspiration on all social media platforms using the hashtag #BestBootForward.

It's never too late to set yourself some goals, take a look here for some inspiration!

Most importantly, have fun! We're a community of normal women, striving to make achievable changes to our lives. Sometimes things won't always go to plan, and that's perfectly okay!

How will Best Boot Forward benefit me?

  • You will set yourself achievable goals to work towards which will help you feel super about yourself!
  • You will meet some lovely, supportive women through our Best Boot Forward Community to help you along the way
  • Your posts will be shared, liked and commented on by Kate and I as well as other fabulous ladies taking part
  • You will get the chance to discover new blogs and fabulous people as well as be discovered by others
  • You can give back and feel virtuous by sharing support and advice with others

How can I join in?

Anyone can join in, and you don't have to be a blogger to do so.

If you do have a blog, you can link up your posts to the most recent linky.

If you are not a blogger, or you are but would prefer not to link up a post you could write an Instagram or Facebook post and link this up, or you could simply join in on any platform using the hashtag #BestBootForward. Join our Facebook group to share at any time and support others while you're at it!

When does the linky run?

Our Best Boot Forward Weekly Linky goes live on a Wednesday, and hosting alternates between Indigo Wilderness and Kate on Thin Ice.

The linky is open until Tuesday of the following week, so you have plenty of time to think about your post and consider the prompts if you choose to.

What kind of posts should I link up?

You can link up any posts that:-

  • Detail how you have been taking steps to change your life in a big or small way
  • Inspire women to make a change in their life
  • Offer positive tips, advice and help that you may think will benefit others
  • Are relating to the questions posed that week, whether it is a specially written post or an old post that is relevant

What are the linky rules?

1. Include our fabulous link badge in your post to link back to us.

2. Please comment on both host posts and at least one other. Obviously the more you comment, the better and it is a super way to get to know other people and to interest them in your blog.

3. Link up to three relevant posts each week.

4. The linky is open for a week so there is plenty of time to link up.

5. Tag Kate at @kateonthinice and Chloe at @IndigoChlo on Twitter for a retweet with #BestBootForward

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Best Boot Forward