13th June 2017

Things I have learnt this last week or so:

  • Despite feeling enormously sorry for myself I can still get on with productive things
  • Trying to edge a straight line when painting a (terribly) woodchip papered wall should be a form of punishment for those who have committed only the worst crimes
  • Do not make rash decisions, even if puppies are involved. In fact, especially if puppies are involved…
  • Money isn't everything, but it's fucking useful sometimes
  • I live in a wonderful place, with wonderful women around me, for that I am so lucky
  • Don't be afraid of what or who you don't know
  • Six quid maternity jeans off of eBay are LIFE
  • Problems are best nipped in the bud
  • Don't remark upon the beautiful evenness of your nails unless you want one of them to snap off immediately
  • I will not be judged or manipulated for being honest about my mental health issues, or any other aspects of my life
  • I need a fucking holiday

It's been a testing week full of ups and downs, but despite the pregnancy hormones crashing about my ever expanding body, I'm still somehow doing okay. I guess this means I'm growing. And not just outwardly.


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