Book Review: AniMalcolm by David Baddiel

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The folks at HarperCollins kindly sent us the paperback edition of David Baddiel's newest children's book, AniMalcolm for review. The book is now available in paperback, as well as hardback and you can watch the trailer below.

The book is a great read for both girls and boys (as are all books in my opinion, though) and suitable for 8 – 11 year olds. As I am slightly out of that age bracket, I handed over the reviewing reigns to my eldest daughter, Rose, who is 9 years old. She is a big, big reader and can demolish a book in no time. Questions and humorous interruptions from me, review all her own work (though I note her spelling, though good, isn't that immaculate and I made some editorial alterations. You couldn't just let it go, could you Chloe?).

I should say that she was very excited that this is the first review she has written that will be published online. She also was hugely enthusiastic about getting stuck into the book and wasn't let down by what she read. She hasn't stopped going on about it…

What is AniMalcolm about?

It is about a boy who does not like animals but has lots of pets. His mum, dad, big sister and little brother love animals. His year 6 school trip is to a farm where he gets transformed into different animals.

Did you enjoy reading the book?

Yes it was very exciting and funny. I love animals and it is the funniest story I've read.Β [High accolades there, take THAT Dahl & Walliams]

What was your favourite part of the story?

My favourite part is when Malcolm needs to become a goat but he wakes up to find himself a sheep because he was woke up by a cockerel who never stops shouting. This was my favourite part because it made me laugh a lot. [I know it did, I heard her! She also commented on the humorous chapter title "Goaty McGoatface" which may have tickled me also…]

Who was your favourite character?

Libby, because she makes her own very funny abbreviations for things. My favourite one is 'OMGTT' which means 'Oh My God Times Two'! I saw a really cute dog the other day and used 'OMGTT' 5 times because I was so excited. [Yeah, cheers, Mr. Baddiel…]

Would you recommend the book to your friends?

Yes, because it very exiting, funny and adventurous. I think my best friend and some of my school friends would really like it and I am going to lend it to them when I go back to school.

Would you like to read anything else by the same author?

Yes. AniMalcolm is his third children's book [Girl's done her homework, she's more professional than I am] and I would like to read The Parent Agency.

Full disclosure:- This is a sponsored post. We received a copy of the book and a payment (I hope) to publish this post. We aim to be totally honest, or else what's the point?Β 



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