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As I have successfully taken some time out to focus on keeping myself sane, last week I decided it was time to pick up a few more things again, including Best Boot Forward.

The decision all most immediately took its toll, coinciding with a bad few days of mental health, a teething and poorly baby and a few other things. I have rolled with it, though and am feeling a little more on the ball this weekend.

I always try to remember that nothing is permanent, but also that there will always be those niggling, ill-timed little things that get in the way of our best laid plans and try to trip us up. The thing for me is avoiding letting them make me drop everything else. I often end up overwhelmed through a lack of organisation and by being too hard on myself.

This week, Best Boot Forward is all about going back to basics, so I have decided to make a list of all the basic things I need to prioritise day to day in a bid to help me do better.

  1. SLEEP: It's not exactly straightforward with a seven month old, but I'm so often guilty of staying up ridiculously late with no thought for the time I have to be up in the morning or what I have to do the next day. It hits me so hard and makes me so irritable, and I need to have a little more self control when it comes to bedtime! Also, as mentioned on Instagram the sunshine and bright mornings are kind of lovely, but also kind of annoying (and the birds are wankers). I usually make it to 3pm then want to collapse in an angry heap.
  2. FOOD: Skipping breakfast makes my day rubbish, and yet… I still do it. I've discussed the importance of food in my post about Tips for Self Care and I need to remember this. I also need to budget and plan better so I'm more organised! Also, not eating breakfast cereal in lieu of lunch would probably also help matters.
  3. KIDS: Well this goes without saying and I do a pretty good job of putting them first, but I didn't want a lynch mob for not mentioning them…
  4. WORK: As mundane as it is, it is essential to have money coming in. I find it very difficult to put a set time aside for work. This is mainly because Fern is never predictable in her daytime sleeping patterns and demanding a lot more attention recently. She's also crawling now too so Christ help me. If I'm honest, I'm not sure how I'm going to get around this now with The Chefbeing out of the house for long days except grabbing time when I can, but I know that I must sacrifice more of our time together for a consistent working pattern.
  5. ME: I don't invest in myself enough. Fact. I've never been the type to go and get my nails done weekly or always have a sexy haircut. If I have money spare, I tend not to splash out on myself but make a reserved purchase or two and leave the rest for frittering away on nothing much. I also spend too much money on coffee and takeaways, which would be better spent on other things. If I feel good about myself, it should follow that good things will happen.
  6. LOVE: Date night? What's that? Realistically, we're not going to get out for a swanky meal without the baby in tow right now but I can feel the complacency surrounding us both. We're in the second year of our relationship so it shouldn't really be like this but throw a baby in the mix and it makes things a little difference. Don't get me wrong, we're very happy, but I know it could be better and need to change before complacency becomes stagnation. How do you date with a seven month old permanently attached to you? Answers on a postcard please!

So, these are my priorities and anything else (including housework) is a bonus. No pressure, then!

7 thoughts on “Back to Basics”

  • I hope you found it helpful to do this post – I know I always do when I write this stuff down. There is power in writing. So many reading this post will empathise especially if they have young children. Glad you can see the need to work on your relationship at this challenging time. Relationships are individual and I know me and Paul missed out a bit because I moved in with him with 2 children as part of that deal with all that entailed. Stay strong when you can be, reach out for support when you can't and keep being the superb spirit and inspiration that you are for one so ridiculously young. Love Grandma Kate x

  • haha i'd like dating advice with a baby too if any comes your way. I think it's a great theme and I was had actually started a blog along those lines before you even posted. Hopefully it works! x

  • Lovely to be back, I’ve been struggling to fit everything in at the moment too. Really trying to take time for myself too but it is hard. As for date night, well we have a evening wedding to go to end of July so that’s kind of a date ? x #bestbootforward

  • I think you should try a bedtime routine for yourself, something you can follow to help you unwind, it probably won't start at the same time every day with the baby, but just having a routine may help #bestbootforward

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