Bempton Cliffs

A little while back, in Yorkshire, we visited the beautiful Bempton Cliffs.

For those who have never been, it's a gorgeous nature reserve in East Yorkshire, not far from Bridlington.

Rose is very into her wildlife, particularly birds, and her young brain holds the names and descriptions of dozens of birds. This is thanks to her Nanny (Grandmother), who delivers training on identifying birds and has been teaching Rose since she was small. Out and about it's a joy to see her naming all the birds she sees and reeling off information about each of them.

At Bempton Cliffs, she and Violet enjoyed a sunny – and somewhat windy – Summer day of bird spotting, armed with a pair of binoculars each. We saw kittiwakes, gannets and were lucky enough to see puffins too – the pictures aren't that great but see if you can make out their dazzling orange feet.

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