Best Boot Forward #1

It's a brand New Year and, of course, everyone is full of resolutions for 2018.

I've never been one to set myself resolutions as I've never been one to follow through on them, but this year especially I can see the freedom and the freshness that a New Year offers. A reset button or a clean slate with a view toward the unknown.

Sometimes this can be a little daunting, but with a little dose of optimism it can be exhilarating too.

As I mentioned, I have never been the type of person to keep resolutions, and I think many of us are the same. That can often be because they are either over-ambitious, ill thought-out or just plain ridiculous.

This is why, this year, Kate from Kate on Thin Ice and I will be setting ourselves realistic goals, to achieve at our own pace and with the support of others. We will be inviting you all too, to put your best boot forward and join in with us.

Best Boot Forward is about supporting one another in taking steps, not towards a 'new you', but towards a better you. We all have aspects of our life that we'd like to improve and we want to create a community where we can learn, grow and support each other. This is a no-pressure kind of thing, a big old love in with lots of wonderful women supporting other wonderful women. You can contribute as little or as much as suits you, by using the #BestBootForward hashtag on any social media platform, by joining our Facebook group or, if you are a blogger, by joining our weekly Wednesday linky. Kate being by far the most respected and talented of us both is the first to host, so please do head across to her post and join in if you would like to.

This being the first week is all about setting achievable goals, thinking about the following points:-

1.       What would you like to change?

2.       How do you feel this change will enhance your life?

3.       Who can support you as you make a positive change?

4.       What is the first baby step you can take to move towards your goal?

Just for fun too, why not share a picture of your favourite or ideal pair of boots? I have far too many to choose from but I'll give it a shot. Don't forget to use #BestBootForward so we can see your posts for comments, shares and likes on whichever is you social network of choice.

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