Best Boot Forward #11

Just to keep you on your toes, Best Boot Forward will be hosted by me again this week!

If you're new to this please follow the link above to see what Best Boot Forward is all about and the many ways you can get involved. Don't forget to join our fabulous Facebook Community too for every day conversation and support. In a nutshell, Best Boot Forward is all about making positive, achievable changes to our lives together, offering support to other women and having some fun along the way.

Last week we marked International Women's Day, and Sunday 11th was Mother's Day too. Continuing on from this theme have two tasks for you this week. As always, you can answer both, one or neither of the questions and link up any new or old posts that are relevant to both the topic and making progress in your life.

Tell us about an inspirational woman in your life.

This could be someone you know personally or an inspirational public figure; a teacher, tutor or colleague or a member of your family. It could even be how you see yourself in the future, or an ideal version of yourself.

How do you think you inspire other people?

Its a tough question, especially as a lot of us are here because we don't feel all that great about ourselves. I think that we all look up to others around us but aren't always as good at seeing the good in ourselves. If you're struggling with this one, pop a post in our Best Boot Forward Community Facebook group and we will be happy to give you a few hints on why you're so fabulous.


1. Link back to us! New badge coming soon but in the meantime a backlink to this post is super.

2. Please comment on this post and the one from Kate at Kate on Thin Ice and at least one other. Obviously the more you comment, the better and it is a super way to get to know other people and to interest them in your blog.

3. Link up to 3 posts per week.

4. The linky is open for a week so there is plenty of time to link up, but the earlier you get in the more visitors you are likely to get.

5. Tag Kate at @kateonthinice and myself at @IndigoChlo on Twitter for a retweet with #BestBootForward

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