Best Boot Forward #15

Over the past few weeks we've been a bit swamped here what with the Easter Holidays well under way and other commitments popping up at inconvenient times. I've never been a naturally organised or motivated individual, but I know that there more things I could and should be doing to take charge and make my life that little bit easier. Best Boot Forward, is of course about making small changes for the positive and many of us are doing that by taking control of certain areas of our life.

Having control can be a very positive and empowering thing, but sometimes we can get hung up on control and stress ourselves out by setting the bar too high. This week I am asking you to think about what role control plays in your life and whether that needs to change. So, without further ado, here are this weeks questions:-

  1. What areas of life do you feel you have mastered and have a good control over? If there's none, that's perfectly okay too!
  2. What skills from these areas or what general skills do you have that could help you take charge of some other aspects of life? This could be practically or emotionally, interpret this question however you like.
  3. Could you delegate control of anything to others in your life? Sometimes, handing over the reins to others can seem difficult but be very rewarding in the end!


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