Best Boot Forward #2

It's Wednesday and that means we're back with another Best Boot Forward linky!

Last week we talked about New Years resolutions and how these can sometimes feel overwhelming and be totally unrealistic. Best Boot Forward is different, because it's about setting your own agenda, be it a detailed plan with specific targets set out for particular timeframes or a free and easy idea of what you would like to change over the next however long it takes.

We were honoured to have some brilliant bloggers link up with us and hope that even more of you will join in as we go along. You don't have to be a blogger to take part, you can share as little or as much as you need with us via the #BestBootForward hashtag on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Please do join our Facebook group as a place for conversation, support and general loveliness.

This week I have been spending a bit more time than usual outdoors, on walks and I even managed a run, which I thought seemed to fit well with where we are – stepping out on this journey.

This week I'd like for you to ponder the following and share you thoughts either on our Facebook group or by linking up a blog post:

  1. What has your first step been and how did you find making it? This could be something as simple as making an enquiry about a class you fancy taking; getting out of the house to somewhere you would like to go or substituting that gin and tonic for a herbal tea – whatever you is relevant to your goals. If you haven't had the chance to make a start yet – ahem, I haven't – that's perfectly okay, you can think about what you're going to do this week.
  2. When can you make time to take another step forward and what will this be? Sometimes, just finding the time to do something different can be the challenge. Realistically, when can you fit it in?
  3. Where is your favourite place to spend time outdoors? Getting outdoors can be really good for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Can you take some time out to get some fresh air and a bit of quiet contemplation? This could be in ten minutes with a cuppa in the back garden or a magnificent 20 mile hike through the wilderness, whatever works for you! Share a picture on social media and don't forget to use #BestBootForward so we can share and comment too.

Of course, you don't have to follow all the guidelines and if there's something far more relevant to your journey that you'd like to share with us then we would love to hear that too. Whatever you need to do for you.


1. Include our sparkly link badge in your post to link back to us.

2. Please comment on this post and the one from Kate at Kate on Thin Ice and at least one other. Obviously the more you comment, the better and it is a super way to get to know other people and to interest them in your blog.

3. Link a maximum of 1 post per week.

4. The linky is open for a week so there is plenty of time to link up.

5. Tag Kate at @kateonthinice and myself at @IndigoChlo on Twitter for a retweet with #BestBootForward

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