Best Boot Forward #8

I can't believe we're on week eight of Best Boot Forward all ready!

If you're popping along for the first time, take a look at what Best Boot Forward is all about and why you should join in! Keep an eye on the past posts for some inspiration and feel free to pop along to those who have linked up and offer a kind word or two!

This week we are in the throes of Lent, which started on 14th February and will run right the way through until 29th March. I admit that I am not religious but there is always ample discussion at this time on what vices or bad habits we could give up, be it chocolate, booze, nail biting or negativity!

I'm not always sure that giving something up is necessarily right for all of us and can have negative connotations in some ways but there is certainly something to be said for looking at our lives and seeing if something we take for granted or something we indulge in habitually is really necessary, can be changed, or can be appreciated a little more.

So with that in mind, I give you the following questions to ponder for this week:-

  1. What do you take for granted? Do you take something or someone for granted and how does that effect your outlook on life? Could appreciating something or someone a little more help improve things for yourself or those around you? Is being able to take something for granted a total positive in your life too?
  2. Could you change a habit to improve your life? Giving something up can be extremely difficult, particularly when we think about habits such as smoking, negative thought patterns or cake eating. Could you shake up your routine a tiny bit to change your habits or perhaps you could look at cutting down? What rituals allow you to partake in a "vice" and how could you avoid that?
  3. What good habits do you have or could you get into? Do you have a great morning routine which sets you up for the day or would you like to pick up a better work ethos? What practical steps can you take to get into these good habits. What advice would you offer to others on making good practices?

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