Best Boot Forward: In the Summertime

It's undeniable – the weather has been flabbergasting. Some of us will love it while others will hate it, but hopefully that boost of Vitamin D will have had a bit of a benefit to us all. This week's prompt is in keeping with the season, and I'd love to know what Summer means to you.

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This week I am not setting lengthy questions, but instead am simply giving you a prompt, which is:


We are going back to basics and you can interpret the prompt however you see fit, or not at all!

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2 thoughts on “Best Boot Forward: In the Summertime”

  • Thanks for this prompt, Made me think of a song. Hate extreme heat but love sunshine so about 20 degrees suits me best. But very good to see UK getting a dose of Vitamin D as by golly it needs it right now which is also why I do hope the England team continue to do well in the World Cup. UK needs a morale boost methinks. Will reflect on the theme and link up. Hope you have sun inside and out today #BestBootForward

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