Bluebells at Coed Cefn

Like the new site? I'd say it's pretty fancy, and not bad for my own handy work. It's been a while, though I fear I begin every post with that saying.

Life has a funny habit of getting in the way of blogging for me, which at times is not a bad thing. It now feels as though it's right to get back to it though, and with some key changes on the horizon and a load of extra time on my hands, here I sit: fingers upon keyboard, conveying crap from head to page.

Not a lot seems to have changed in the "blogosphere" since I was last here, except perhaps that there is considerably more mention of gin, which seems legit, so can't complain.

I look forward to giving you an update of life so far soon, but for now I will share a few photographs from today's adventures.

I was lucky enough to get a Panasonic FZ200 camera recently but haven't had the chance or capacity to take it out for a spin. In the past, I've used nothing more than an iPhone for photos but have always fancied something nicer. So today I decided to watch a few tutorials, get my act together and take the bad boy for a spin.

We headed down to Coed Cefn or Bluebell Wood in Crickhowell which is, of course, gorgeous at this time of year. The camera was great, easy to get to grips with after a few YouTube tutorials and though some of my attempts were a little iffy, I did manage to take a few nice shots. I knew I wanted to take close ups, so focused on learning how to program the camera for that and lo and behold it actually didn't turn out half bad. My next priority is – naturally – taking some snaps of the cat, and I suppose the kiddos too, so I hope to read up on that next.

I'll leave you here with a few shots from today. and I'll see you soon – I hope.

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Bluebells at Coed Cefn

Not Bluebells at Coed Cefn Bluebells at Coed Cefn

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  • Love the bluebells and yes it is Kate on Thin Ice lest there be confusion. Well done you on learning stuff – I so need to up my gam eon taking pictures and video too methinks although whether the world is ready for that is debatable. Bluebells always remind me of my first proper job where I had tot take 3 buses to get to work each way so 6 rides in all but the best bit was via bluebell wood that would always raise my spirits. And I love Wales as you know

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