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As our family has expanded significantly over the past year or so, my lovely little Nissan Micra is feeling the strain. At any given time it needs to contain all or a combination of me, The Chef, two bigger girls plus booster seats, the baby plus car seat with Isofix, the pram and the puppy (who is no longer puppy sized). Most of the time, there will only be Rose but when Violet visits, we have to make a choice between the dog or the pram fitting in.

It has also done a glorious 178,000 miles, mostly on motorways, but now the exhaust is rattling and with it's MOT looming I'm convinced we'll be looking at a big bill should we want to keep it. So, we've been looking at buying a family car this year.

I can tell you honestly that I'm devastated to be looking at buying a car for it's practicality. I've never wanted to conform to norm, and thought that when I finally looked at buying a car on finance it would be something totally rock and roll. Alas, twas not to be.

With the children to consider, safety and reliability are our top priority – you can find out more about car seat safety at – however, I still want a car that's slightly cool and fun to drive. We're considering SUVs and Crossovers as well as the more traditional family car.

With that in mind, here are my dream choices for a more practical, seven seat car when you're desperately clinging to your coolness.

Photo credit: Nissan
Nissan X-trail

As I all ready drive a Nissan (and love it) I would really like to stick with the brand. The X-trail is one of my favourites and with the option for seven seats it would be my first choice, if money were no object. It's also great for getting around in the sticks, with plenty of space for both dog and pram. It also looks great and has excellent review all round.

Photo credit: Volkswagen
Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

Volkswagen are another one of my favourite car brands. The Tiguan Allspace looks great and offers that great VW reliability and robustness. The re-sale value for VW vehicles is also very good so you're sure to sell on for a decent price when it's time to upgrade. They are also surprisingly efficient to run, meaning you may not need to spend as much as you'd have thought on fuel.

Photo credit: Honda
Honda CR-V

A bit of a wildcard here, Honda is a favourite car brand of my Grandpa who is 91, so the cool factor wasn't something I immediately thought of when looking at the brand. However, I love the look of the C-RV and with it's seven seat option it would certainly be suitable for our needs. And, of course, if Grandpa approves, then it must be good!

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