This week, Kate is hosting Best Boot Forward and talking about how the positive stuff in the news such as the rescue of the Thai boys and their coach as well as the good performance by the England Men's team in the World Cup is helping us see it's not all doom and gloom, and that perhaps we could apply a bit of optimism to our own lives, ensuring we see good news in our future.

Last week I watched a documentary on Rik Mayall (you can find it on iPlayer and I'd highly recommend watching it) which really affected me. It sounds absurd and probably is. I was feeling very, very low and emotional that morning mainly due to lack of sleep and it just happened to be on. I'm a big fan of (good) comedy in general and I love Rik Mayall in many things. What I hadn't realised was just how much he had done in his lifetime and with such vigour. By all accounts, he was an exuberant, self assured and much loved character. Everything he did, he did with energy and passion and often stole the show. On top of his exuberance, he was apparently a very kind and generous man and nobody seemed to mind that he would explode into something and take over.

There was a great part about The Young Ones and how these oiks from Scumbag College were the antithesis of the Oxbridge Elite and how actually that reflected what Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson were doing in reality with comedy dominated by he likes of the Oxbridge educated Pythons. They weren't afraid that anyone was better than them, they just did their own, anarchic thing and it was glorious.

Rik also gave a great talk to graduates at Exeter University when he was given an honorary doctorate in 2014. I'd advise watching it all but listen below to his 5 mantras (the video below will start at the right point) as they're just great.

It seemed to me that this is the way to live. I have spent so many years being afraid. Afraid of  not being good enough, afraid of ridicule, afraid of offending people, afraid of doing the wrong thing, afraid of my own personality. My goal for the future is to take fear out of my life as much as I can. I see a future that can only get better. I see a future where I work hard to achieve what I want and don't fear what others think of that. I see a future where I'm driving a fucking Range Rover.

I see a future where we're not just getting by anymore. Don't get me wrong, it's not about material things (except the Range Rover…) but about stability. And maybe a little bit about shoes too.

I no longer fear that I am not good enough to deserve or achieve stability. I am, and I will.

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  • Love this post so very much. You are ahead of the game. It has taken me until the last year or so to start living properly and saying hey world here I am take me or leave me and if you leave me it does not mean I am worthless – overhangs of being adopted and more I am sure. You can have it all if you believe – you have seen that happen with me a bit and it is all about charging up the mindset. Let's keep doing that and enjoying the dividends #BestBootForward Oh and guess what I love Rik Mayall too and will check out the stuff you mention in this post but first coffee!!!

  • "Love is the answer" – Wise words from Rik!
    I can still remember saying "That's right my cock-a-leeky, matey, flap, sparrow, cockney, rhyming, skip, fellow-me-lad, old pal from the briney. Take me to the Copa cabana." ALL THE TIME as a kid! Bottom's finest! #BestFootForward

  • the biggest fear we face is fear itself. I will admit if I'd be in those caves in Thailand, I would have to have been sedated like some of the boys were to keep them calm enough to get them out, there's nothing wrong in admitting you are frightened, it's how we deal with it that matters #triumphanttales

  • Love is the answer always and often it needs directing onwards when we get in a jam and fear takes over. My son asked me why I wear a bangle that says "have courage and be kind" when I am a kind. I explained it was to remind me to be those things for myself as kindness to others comes easily but my inner voice can be a bit mean.

  • This takes me back to my own graduation. I think Sir Trevor McDonald was at ours though I didn't hear him give a speech. So often we come down on ourselves hard and worry what others may think of us but people will always have opinions you can't change that but you can change yourself if that's what you choose to. #BestBootForward

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