Hello, Wales…

Hello all, it's been a while.

I'm tentatively dipping my toe back into the ocean of blogging…

For reasons that I may or may not divulge in the future, I have taken a long time off publishing anything on here. In part, I've been focusing on building my partner's business as we have now moved to Wales and have spent the last nine months or so laying the foundations. It's actually quite crazy to think that it has all ready been that long – it all seems to have flown by. My other half is a personal trainer and we are slowly but surely constructing a good business together and I'm really enjoying using many of the skills I discovered through blogging for someone else. I love a good project, me.

In all, it has been a very happy start to our Welsh adventure. In our first week here we decided we would get married, which I guess makes us engaged! We rent a flat which, besides being far more affordable than what we had in Yorkshire, really feels like home now.  We know that it won't be forever as we're looking to buy in the next few years but it really feels as though we have a sturdy base here.

One of the big worries about moving, aside from living over 250 miles away from my youngest daughter – we will cover more of this subject another time – was not having so much family support around. Fortunately, we have managed to visit Yorkshire and Durham often, as well as have Violet to visit regularly. I often wonder whether this would all have been so easy before the invention of Skype and FaceTime – there's no doubt that this kind of technology makes the world a smaller place. We have also made some wonderful friends here all ready, which isn't always easy when you're the anxious type of person that I am, so I'm pretty proud of myself. As ever, Rose is outgoing and hardy and has settled brilliantly, making lots of new friends and is popular as she ever was at school. This is a big relief. Though I know her better than she knows herself, and am quite frankly in awe of her social skills (she did not get these from me), as a mother you can never shift that inkling of doubt, but she has blown any reservations I had out of the water. She is wonderful.

In all, Wales has been good to us. Though further away from some friends, we are closer to others and I am happy to be seeing more of some of my favourite people. My 'Best Woman' (fuck 'Maid of Honour') has been a god send in helping with all this wedding crap. Though we're not going for a massive traditional wedding, and though I thought that it'd be easy peasy – after all, "I love a project, me" – there still seems to be a suspiciously large amount of work to do in planning this stuff. We're having a small ceremony in Brecon during the week – family only, attendance is optional and offence isn't taken either way – followed by a big, free-for-all party on the weekend. Luckily, I work in a charming hotel full of warm people who are hosting said party, so we are going to enjoy a mega-relaxed, tequila-fueled evening of loveliness in a place where we both feel comfortable. I really cannot wait.

I may blog some more soon, but I'm not making any promises. The time just felt right tonight.

Signing off now, and very glad to be back. Please enjoy some lovely photos from our first 9 months in this superbly rugged place.


Hello, Wales

Christmas Day

St. David's Day


Susan Strong

At the castle

Elpheen reads

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  • I'm so happy for you to be reading this post……….it's been a long and hard journey……..you go girl and knock them dead on your wedding day and I'll meet up with you finally, very soon.

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