Hospital Bag "Essentials"

So I thought it'd be cute to write a little 'Top Picks' post for hospital bag essentials.

As most of you have probably gathered, I'm pregnant again, and all though I've done this twice all ready I'm still a little hazy on what the hell I am supposed to be doing. To be fair, my kiddos are 9 and 5 and I have now successfully blocked out the bulk of each pregnancy and birth (hooray!).

To prep, I decided best to google 'hospital bag essentials' to refresh my memory on what exactly should go in there. I remember the Emma's Diary magazines from the packs you used to get so had a little nosey at what their website said about 'hospital bag essentials'.

Well, I know things were slightly different a few years back but I take serious issue with a few of the advisory notes on there. I'll elaborate…

Firstly: "Socks – to keep your feet warm during labour"

A lovely idea, don't get me wrong, and granted I have only ever done labour once, with my second daughter (a grand 36 hours of it though which I feel is quite enough), but I wonder who exactly is thinking "Ooh, my feet are a bit chilly!" and not "GET THIS FUCKING CHILD OUT OF ME NOW!"…

Secondly, we have: "Lip balm – to soothe your lips, which are likely to become dry"

Yep, you're not wrong there. If you're going down the whole gas and air route your lips, mouth, face, head… can become a little dry, but from my experience you tend to be more focused on chugging just as much of the gas as you possibly can, and fuck the consequences for your lips.

Next up: "Maternity pads – useful for when your waters break"

Not useful when your waters explode all over the midwives while you're pushing, 30 hours into labour. Just sayin'.

"Music – some favourite tunes can be soothing"

Granted, this is actually a great one, but unfortunately for me I had a planned c-section with my first, meaning the surgeons got to pick the playlist (they did a brilliant job though) and during labour with the second I was so off my tits on pethidine for the down time, I didn't need any music to relax me. Moral of the story: choose any drugs offered (by medical professionals…) over music.

Also on the "You may also want" list is: "Your mobile"

May also want? Mate, how am I supposed to instagram and live tweet my way through all this shit otherwise? It's an essential! If I'm doing this I want recognition of my efforts from total strangers via the wizardry of social media.

In all seriousness, if you're expecting the list has some sound suggestions, and I'd recommend popping over. Birth never goes to plan, so it's always best to be as prepared as you can be, but inevitably your birthing partner is there to do the legwork. If you forget something it's not the end of the world and highly likely you won't use half of the other crap that you've packed.

Also, if you are expecting, I'd love to hear from you, because despite this being my third time I'm still totally bricking it!

Leave a comment, tell me about your experiences or recommendations, or find me on Twitter @IndigoChlo or on Facebook or Insta @IndigoWilderness


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4 thoughts on “Hospital Bag "Essentials"”

  • I love this as it reminds me of when I was having Mia 4 years ago. Everything had been painstakingly packed into my hospital bag and then when it actually came to giving birth, we used none of it at all! I'm currently pregnant for the 2nd time and I feel like I'm doing it all for the 1st time again! 🙂


  • I love this, I totally brought along a soothing soundtrack and it didn't end up being as useful as I thought! The plan was out the window from the moment I was in labour haha. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam x

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