Kassiopi, Corfu

If you're anything like me and enjoy holidaying in a place with a perfect balance of sunshine, scenery and culture then the harbour town of Kassiopi in the Greek Island of Corfu could be for you.

Kassiopi sits on the north east corner of Corfu and is perfectly situated for stunning views across the Ionian Sea and even of nearby Albania on a clear day. Kassiopi is set beneath the magnificent Mount Pantokrator and boasts some truly spectacular scenery.

Getting to Kassiopi is easy, with regular transfers from Corfu International Airport. There are a range of accommodation choices from luxury villas to modest self catering apartments and everything in between.

The quieter old part of the town hosts a range of local businesses including traditional bakeries, bars and restaurants, as well as your usual more "touristy" type shops and cafes. Explore the stunning harbour to find a more vibrant and modern experience, with trendy clubs and excellent restaurants. Excursions depart several times a day by boat to nearby islands, other parts of Corfu and even crossing to Albania. The beaches of Kassiopi are stunning and plenty. There are the main stretches close to the town which are great for families as well as numerous little coves and hidden spots all along the coast. The waters are stunning, sparkling azure and bound to tempt even the most land loving visitor to a swim.

I'd highly recommend taking the Two Island Cruise to the nearby Island of Vidos and Mouse Island. Vidos is steeped in history, home to an old prison where Serbian soldiers were held during the First World War. It is also home to a wildlife sanctuary and is unspoilt, with just one reasonably priced cafe-bar, owned by a friendly couple. You can also enjoy swimming off nearby Mouse Island, which has crystal clear waters and offers views of the iconic Church of Panagia Vlacherma. If you're lucky you may also be able to marvel at the sight of a plane coming in to land on the precariously positioned runway nearby!

Excursions by coach to nearby mountains and towns are available too, and Kassiopi Castle is another place if interest for those with a penchant for history.

Dining in the town offers plenty of options, from traditional tavernas to fine, contemporary dining you won't run out of options, especially if you enjoy seafood – fresh from the harbour, of course.

All in all, if you're looking to enjoy an authentic and quiet experience in Corfu, Kassiopi should definitely be on your list.

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