Mind Wanders: Walking for Mental Health

It's not big news that walking regularly can be a big help when it comes to boosting mental wellbeing.

Dog on Beach

Personally, even when it's pouring with rain or blowing a gale I will generally feel better for having got out into nature and taken in a lungful of fresh air. Not a lot in this world beats the feeling of coming home and striding through the front door with the crisp, fresh feeling in your heart and mind that a walk brings.

I have a dog, so walking is compulsory most days, all though getting through the front door in the first place can sometimes be a battle – especially if I'm very busy or feeling a bit down. Other times, I can't wait to escape. I have to admit that I am a bit of a fair-weather walker, and so is the dog. She hates water of any description so rainy walks aren't usually as long as the sunny ones. Given the recent few weeks of warm weather, we've enjoyed basking in the golden warmth while walking in the awakening, springtime countryside. Other times, I enjoy a wild walk. When the weather is less than glorious, I tend to venture higher up the hills and mountains to feel the elements. There can be something invigorating about feeling the raw chill and the heavy battering of a wild wind or icy rain.

Throughout April, I'll be documenting my walks over on Instagram in an effort to get myself out more regularly, but also to encourage others to get out too to walk for better mental wellbeing.

I'd love to see your favourite walks and places, please use the hashtag #mindwanders and tag @indigowilderness

I will feature the best here on the blog, and over on InstaStories too!

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