Moving Forward

Just a quick one to sum up how I have been putting my best boot forward this week.

Well, firstly I have officially hosted my first linky here at Indigo Wilderness and I feel pretty happy about that. It's a big achievement personally and something I am very proud to be part of, with my friend and colleague, Kate (on Thin Ice).

This week I set us all three simple questions which were as follows:

  1. What has your first step been and how did you find making it?
  2. When can you make time to take another step forward and what will this be?
  3. Where is your favourite place to spend time outdoors?

To begin with my biggest step this week has been finally making it to a mum and baby class. I've been saying I'll go but I either keep bottling it or having other plans get in the way. This week was different though, and I headed out to a play group with a couple of other friends who have [gorgeous] little ones. I was really glad I went and though Fern isn't quite big enough to be playing with much, it was lovely to socialise and branch out, meeting a few new people. I will be going again and looking at possibly doing another one each week that will open up a bit more possibility of meeting new people. I'm not sure I can quite stretch to "Happy Hands" yet which sound like it might make me vomit or burst into flames, but one step at a time, eh?

I also began back on my running journey this week, with a modest total of 5 miles run so far.  My next step will be to plan some regular times I can run and aim for 2 – 3 runs per week, building up my pace and distance in a comfortable way.

Though it was me that asked the question, I have to say I'm not 100% sure where is my most favourite place. We have some beautiful walks and landmarks here in the Brecon Beacons and surrounding area including three mountains: The Blorenge, the Sugarloaf and Skirrid, as well as picturesque walks along the Brecon and Monmouthsire Canal. I spend a lot of time up at Keepers Pond when I can, but anywhere I can walk with the dog is perfectly lovely for me.

Keep abreast of our adventures on Instagram and don't forget to visit Kate on Thin Ice for the next #BestBootForward post on Wednesday 17th January!

8 thoughts on “Moving Forward”

  • Proud to be called your friend and colleague. You love nature so you will always find it a comfort and how wonderful that you appreciate its beauty wherever your find it and of course Wales is so very lovely. Your running is way off the scale compared to my feeble attempts so well done you especially so soon after giving birth. Well done on feeling the fear and doing the baby group – the real irony is of course that most people are just as scared as you are but some just have a better act going on of supreme confidence. Love watching you put your Best Boot Forward and thanks so much for all your support.

    • Proud to call you both those things! It's a great motivator in many ways all this linky lark and I have you to thank for that, however less of the negative self talk. We all have different levels and I bet our runs were not much different, but don't forget I've had years of running beforehand so the advantage of knowing where to start (as I have stopped and restarted many times!). I'm sending you some info across too x

  • I love your collage, Chloe! Did you use a plugin for that?

    I remember climbing the Sugarloaf as a child. It was exhausting!

    The year before last we walked along the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal to Cwmbran for some ice cream. It took us a few hours! I'm not sure where along it you are, but if you follow it towards Newport long enough you'll be pretty much on my doorstep!

    OMG – we could do a walk along the canal to meet each other and blog about it!

    • Tge collage is just the gallery but you can select ‘tiled mosaic’ and it does it all automatically its lovely! Our nearest part is Gilwern, but I usually start from Abergavenny. It’s a bit muddy for the pram at the moment but I can’t wait to do it again in summer! We should definitely do that it’d be wonderful!

  • I have walking boots and wellies and waterproofs in the UK, so when I'm over we're grabbing that dog and marching up the hills, the views are splendid and if you take me along I'll clean your boot room for you #bestbootforward

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