This week as part of Best Boot Forward we're practicing a bit of positivity.

As a blogger, I tend to write mainly about personal struggles and have realised recently that my general online persona can come across as a bit negative. Combine this with a very dry and dark sense of humour, I understand sometimes come across a bit gloomy. I often blog about the shittier things in life because first and foremost, it's nice to vent. By writing about something seemingly negative you can often find the positives and come to clearer conclusions. Secondly, I think it's important to be honest about key issues, particularly mental health problems in order to raise awareness and fight stigma. Equally, however, life is not all doom and gloom and we can often forget to look for or make note of the good stuff.

So, for a little change I asked for some positives from our Best Boot Forward ladies. Don't worry I'll be back to moaning soon.

Here are my answers for the week:-

  1. Do you have something or someone in your life that makes you smile on a regular basis? What do you love about your life? My daughters, of course, all make me smile on a regular basis. At the moment I spend most of my time with little Fern who isn't yet 3 months old but with her new found ability to grin I can't help but fall in love with her a little bit more each time I see her gorgeous face! I also am lucky enough to have an attentive Chef who works hard and does a lot for us. He makes me smile probably as much as he infuriates me… but also, his strong association with food is enough to keep me sweet. My friends  are all wonderful, and from WhatsApp group chats with old college friends to always overdue phone calls with my bestie distance doesn't seem to be a hindrance. Friends who are geographically closer too are always on hand for coffee or a natter and I'm eternally grateful to be surrounded by such a wonderful community.
  2. How can you draw on this special feeling to help you keep moving forward on your quest to reaching your goals? I've been very lucky after this pregnancy not to suffer with PND as I did after my last one. As such, I've felt relatively very sane in being a stay at home parent. I'm keeping the contrast in the front of my mind, and combined with that rush of new love for the tiny being, I remain completely thankful. I also have the support of The Chef and I'm so happy that Rose has been absolutely wonderful in being a big sister again. We have a beautiful home, and though money is a bit of a pinch on maternity leave, I look back and think about some of the struggles I've had and realise just how much better life is now.
  3. Can you do, or have you recently done something positive for someone in your life? In the past I have done some bits and bobs for charity, including the Great North Run and a cycle ride to raise funds in memory of my best friends little brother – if you would like to read more or donate, you can do so here – but that was quite a long time ago now and I'd love to take something new on. I'd really love to walk Hadrian's Wall or do the Three Peaks so perhaps this will be on the cards this year. Personally, I try to be supportive of my family and my friends, and I've also been branching out a bit more to give Fern the best start possible.

So, there you have it. A lot of good things to look upon and I might even try to weave a little more sunshine into my future posts. You never know!

3 thoughts on “Positivity”

  • All very good and positive and lovely to hear you’re doing good after the Fern’s birth. Here’s hoping life carries on this way for you, look forward to the moaning next week. #bestbootforward

  • The way to a woman's heart is via the stomach unlike men when you would be aiming a little too high. Not my joke but one that never fails to amuse me. I have a husband who cooks well too which I know is a big plus especially as I am such a foodie. There is nothing more seductive than a baby's smile. As you know I have recently found a special community and am forging new friendships and it makes such a difference. Glad PND is not in the building and there is really interesting research around about how more likely we are to have PND depending on the order of the child, the gender and the season we are preggers in. Hadrian's Wall is great and in my head I always fancy walking the Great Wall of China! Really enjoyed your post!

    • Thanks Kate I enjoyed writing it. So relieved I’ve been relatively sane. There are only ten days between their birthdays so almost same dates but completely different experience. I can’t believe I haven’t done Hadrian’s wall but certainly on the cards this year

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