Pregnancy: Week 24

I've been spending a lot more time than usual in bed recently. As lavish as this sounds, it's actually because at 24+ weeks pregnant I've been having a whole lot of back pain. So much so, that the Chef even felt he had to buy me some 'cheer the fuck up' flowers this week.

I had exactly the same problem in my last pregnancy, but not until I was about 8 months gone, so I'm pretty miffed to think that this could go on for another 16 weeks. I start off on a morning with no pain, but given I have a desk job, after 6 hours of sitting I just want to cry. Driving makes it much worse and the only respite I can find is a sort-of laying position, where I'm propped up with an extra duvet. Occasionally this means I sacrifice the feeling in my arms after a while but it is so worth it! I'm also due an antenatal appointment next week, which means I'll be able to get some advice on how best to deal with the pain.

So, I find myself coming home, sorting the puppies out and then going to lay down for an hour, until I feel okay enough to take our doggo for a walk. I have found that this leaves me feeling incredibly guilty for coming home though, and effectively shutting myself off from everything else, when I should be spending time with Rose & the pup who haven't seen me all day. This being the case, I've tried to bring them into my bedroom a little more, despite them previously being banned, with the bedroom being my only private space.

This has lead to a bit more quality, quiet time for Rose & I and the dog feeling a little more loved too. It's also resulted in my Insta feed looking somewhat more uniform, with all the floordrobe and mess cropped out and bright backgrounds for pictures, in amongst the obligatory dog walk snaps.

Unexpected blessings.

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5 thoughts on “Pregnancy: Week 24”

  • Is it worth looking at complementary methods – acupuncture or summat? Just a thought? Your daughter is looking so grown up all of a sudden and I love her taste in books and as for the dog pic, smitten!

    • Possibly but I will try whatever exercises/stretches/advice they give me, I have a few in doing courtesy of fitness friends which is good. Just so early on! I know she's growing up fast it's bizarre! Where does the time go?

  • Poor you. I can totally sympathise as I spent 4 months on the sofa with both pregnancies. Apparently I have a heart shaped womb and my babies were breech. I had terrible back pain. I did try the Osteopath and the chiropractor which helped a little. The cure happened when I gave birth! Good luck….at least you have some lovely flowers!! #showrealblogs

    • I have a heart shaped womb too and heard it can be related. The first one was breech, the second managed to turn though so fingers crossed for this time! It seems she has shifted now so hoping she will stay where she doesn't cause me pain! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 glad it's not just me! X

      • Ah ok. I had an emergency C section with my first and a planned one with my second as he did not turn however long I sat back to front on a chair!! good luck. Safe babies and safe mummies are what counts. xx

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