Step aside, ladies. I'll take it from here. We're talking about my specialist subject: 'Putting Things Off' for this week's Best Boot Forward linky and discussion.

All my life, I have been the type of person that finds it all most impossible to do anything when I am supposed to. As I get older I improve in dealing with things like bills, household chores and the such which I usually wouldn't deal with unless I had someone holding my hand (or a gun to my head). I have realised, however, that these things can't be put off and by getting it out of the way in one fell swoop with an admin day, life goes a lot more smoothly.

That said, there are always those things, both good and bad, that get put to the wayside. Usually it's things we think can't afford to do or don't have the time to look at at the moment. With this in mind, here are my answers to this week's Best Boot Forward questions posed by Kate at Kate on Thin Ice.

What are you putting off?

I need a holiday. Travelling back and forth to Yorkshire, though nice, doesn't exactly cut it. I have recently been looking at putting some more travel content up on the blog and it has made my feet so immensely itchy. I haven't had a proper break that didn't involve seeing family or friends for about four years and I'm feeling it. I was lucky that we used to travel a lot when I was a child and teenager but since then holidays have been few and far between. Of course, finances, work and children can put a constraint on that, but I think if I were a little more organised and actually planned ahead more we could have more stuff to look forward to.

How does putting it off make you feel?

Honestly, it makes me feel tired and boring. I crave culture and vibrancy and would really just like some vitamin D and a few more stories to tell. I also feel guilty that I'm not giving the children the experiences that I was able to have as a child and that needs to change.

What would happen if you took action instead of procrastinating?

In order to put a bit of spare cash aside I'd first need to sort out my finances. You might remember that this was one of my Best Boot Forward goals, however I have been putting that off (quelle surprise). I know that if I make a start on that, I'll feel in a much better position to tackle other things and with the added thought of the reward of travel, life might look a bit more exciting than it does now!

How risky is the gamble you are taking by putting something off?

A holiday isn't going to change my life but the accompanying task of sorting out my finances is going to improve things a lot. Maternity pay is making things tighter than we're used to and we haven't properly adjusted to this yet, so any improvement I can make on that front will be a big bonus.


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8 thoughts on “Procrastination”

  • well at least it's not life or death or risking losing the roof over your heads, despite all the travel I do, i know exactly what you mean. I'm in need of a holiday, a beach, poolside, chilling out and early nights, pretty much what i do/have here, but it's not the same and the last thing I want to do id get on a plane and travel anywhere #bestbootforward

  • I think I wrote something similar years ago. I too did lots of travel as a child and teenager because my parents made sure of it. Dad was so keen on travel having started his Naval adventures at just 17 years of age. Mum was more of a home body but we travelled the UK a lot and she relented and we did Malta when I was around 4 or 5 or possibly 6 or 7 or both I think looking back. Then there was a gap and then Europe starting with Spain with my Auntie, Uncle and cousin and then Mum really stepped up after getting over phobias so we went to Germany and France and then she said it was time for them after I turned 21 and they went all over including the Middle East which she loved. So she got her travel later in life and as you know having written off any idea of going further than the nearest Yorkshire village, well just look at me now. Mum always said that however poor they were Dad insisted on at least one holiday a year even if it meant no carpet on the floor or whatever as holidays bring memories that last a lifetime. You know what needs to happen and now you have written it down it will. We do things when we are ready and that's actually OK.

    • Its funny the parallels between your dad and my grandpa – both joined the navy at 17 and from similar area. He was often the one to take me places because he had travelled so much in the navy he knew how important it was. We will get there, we have lots friends to visit in Europe so plenty of opportunity and a cat to return too 😉

  • You know what you need? A caravan ? we travel all over the place, pretty much when ever the urge takes us. It’s always loaded with kit so we can just go. Last year we travelled around France but this year it will probably be this country and that’s actually one of my goals this year to see more of this country and to stop putting off catching up with friends x ps Totally off topic but your page is lovely, the laylout is soooooo pretty x

    • I've suggested we look at buying a camper van at some point in the future as we do so much travelling up and down the country it'd be great to break it up a bit. And thank you re blog – it's Kale theme for WordPress and I love it!

  • I feel exactly the same! As a kid we would take caravanning holidays on average a couple of times a year. These days it's barely even 1! I would love for my kids to have wonderful memories of UK holidays, like I do. We were meant to book a June trip back in November… it's still not been booked 🙁

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