Review: Cute Nico Changing Bag

The guys at Cute Nico kindly sent us one of their changing backpacks for us to try out. It's been about six years since I was last on the market for a changing bag, and things have changed considerably since then!

When I had Violet, the bags were mostly all satchel style ones with a single strap that went over the handles of your pram and usually slid down to an awkward position. I had this gorgeous, but not at all times practical leather bag from Lin and Leo which I totally adored despite its flaws. It was definitely style over substance in the sense that it was beautiful but bulky, and far larger and heavier than it probably needed to be. It's durability though is commended as it is still in use as my overnight bag and has endured many an adventure with me.

Before that, when I had Rose (nearly ten years ago!) I was so skint I just used to use a hand me down old bag I got from somewhere or other, which would flop about and spill the contents everywhere. Life was hard back in the day…

Back to now, and we have been using the Cute Nico Backpack for just over a month. So how did it fare?

Psst. You might have a bit of a clue if you've been following our Instagram stories.

We ordered our backpack from Amazon* with super quick and free UK delivery. Everyone loves getting a parcel, right?

When the bag arrived, I'd expected to pull out something resembling the silver, metallic type Puffa jackets all the coolest kids used to wear way back in the '90s, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was darker than I'd thought, with a silver sheen in bright light. The material is of a lovely quality and the bag is super lightweight. Tick.

Currently, the bag is only available to buy in one colour, but I hope that as the brand grows Cute Nico will branch out into different colours and designs. I, personally, like the practicality and simplicity of the current design but I realise it may not be to everyone's taste, especially those who were like me of six years ago!

I love the more modern backpack designs that are on the market now, which are so much more practical – particularly for us as we're often out and about in the countryside going for walks and the such – so the design is a big tick for me. The Cute Nico bag includes little straps that allow it to clip onto your pram without it sliding about the place, so it just keeps ticking boxes.

A pocket lover's dream, there are lots of different sized and different functioning compartments to the bag, including my most favourite feature which is a pocket for baby wipes, with an additional zip so you can just grab a wipe without getting the whole packet out. Pure genius, if you ask me.

There are also two little bags included, one described as a multi purpose bag, which I used as a little grab bag with a change of clothes in and a thermally insulated bag for bottles or snacks. As we don't currently use bottles, we haven't made much use of this one yet, but I can see it being handy in the future. A nice additional touch. You also get a changing pad too which is a great size compared to other travel changing mats.

Value-wise, the bag currently retails at £68.99 which I would say is about right for the quality of product, however a little bird tells me that it is currently on offer at just £31.98, which is a steal! Cute Nico also have coupon offers via their website so I would recommend visiting there too to get the best value.

All in all, if I had to sum up this bag I would say it's the Swiss Army changing bag for practical parents. I have loved using it and will be continuing to use it until we no longer need it because it is perfect for us!

Full disclosure:- This is a sponsored post. We received our products free of charge in exchange for publication of the post. We aim to be totally honest, or else what’s the point? For more on our reviews ethos, visit our PR & Contact page.

*We were sent a voucher so that we could experience the purchase experience from start to finish.

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