Review: Good Bubble

Review: Good Bubble Bath Products

The folks at Good Bubble sent us over some of their products to test out recently so we've been giving them a whirl!

I love a company who puts ethics first and Good Bubble certainly tick that box. You can read all about their values here, but to sum up they use 98% naturally derived ingredients, free from parabens and sulphates. They are conscious about their carbon footprint, with their products manufactured here in the UK and the packaging is, of course, recyclable.

The products are all suitable for newborns, which assures me that they will be gentle on the skin and they have a couple of 'superfruit' varieties – Cloudberry and Dragonfruit.

They sent us some of their Cloudberry range including shampoo, conditioner, hair & body wash, and bubble bath which came in a cute little set along with a colourful and cheery bath mitt. I loved the gift set, which would make a perfect, practical present for anyone expecting. Their packaging design is fun and playful and spot on when it comes to reflection of the brand.

Fern is just 2 months old now, but she really enjoys bath time. She goes all wide-eyed and does that mad flapping that babies do when something pleases them, but they don't yet know quite how to express it. For her, we've been using the bubble bath and the hair & body wash since she started having regular bathtime. The Cloudberry smell is yummy and the products have been kind to her skin, with no irritation or nastiness. As the name suggests, they make decent bubbles too! The bath mitt is colourful and doubles as a fetching puppet with wiggly wings.

Fern isn't quite big enough for shampoo and conditioner yet, as the hair & body wash does her just fine, so we tested these out on nine year old Rose instead. She said the smell was "odd" and pulled a disgruntled, eye-rolly face at being forced to guinea-pig a product which was quite clearly for "little" kids and beneath her sophisticated, superior status as an almost-ten-year-old. However, the shampoo and conditioner in my opinion was lovely and did the job just splendidly. Therefore she was told in no uncertain terms that she would be using this up instead of my expensive adult's shampoo from now on. Cue more eye-rolls and sighing.

Pricing wise, the individual bottles retail between £3.69 – £3.99 depending on the size, which is a little pricier than your standard kids bubble bath but less than I have paid for brands with similar ethics in the past, so overall quite good value for money and I would be happy to pay this. The gift set is available for £8.00, making an inexpensive but thoughtful gift which I would certainly buy for a friend. Good Bubble products are available to buy from Ocado, Holland & Barrett and Sainsbury's.

Full disclosure:- This is a sponsored post. We received our products free of charge in exchange for publication of the post. We aim to be totally honest, or else what’s the point? For more on our reviews ethos, visit our PR & Contact page.

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