Review: Little Greene Paint Co.

Review: Little Greene Paint Company

The lovely people at Little Greene Paint Company recently sent me a couple of tins of their paint to review.

We've only just recently moved into our flat, and are still deciding whether or not to stay, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a little decoration. Our home is a beautiful Georgian two story maisonette above a shop, with high ceilings, and heaps of original features. Like all older properties, though, it has its drawbacks including botched wallpapering, dodgy plumbing and a spot or two of damp.

The flat is a private rental, and has been recently renovated due to the fact that the previous tenants were running a cannabis farm from it. I shit you not.

After they'd mistakenly left some equipment on the whole floor had collapsed into the shop beneath, and the factory was raided by the police. Just before we came to view the flat, we found out that it was the one with "the backstory" but upon viewing we were so blown away by just how stunning it was we had to go for it.

Anyway, from green back to Little Greene…

I love decorating and interiors, and will always choose quality materials wherever I can, so I was thrilled when Little Greene got in touch to work on a review of paints from their Colours of England collection. I had heard good things but not yet tried for myself.

As I had in mind to do Rose's bedroom (the tiniest room in the house – I am a woman of small ambition) I was worried the colours may be a little too sophisticated for her tastes, however I was pleasantly surprised to see not only a vast array of choices that I would choose myself, but also bolder options that I knew she would love.

Though I have always had qualms about girls and pink, I have come to terms with the fact that she is a girl of many tastes and passions and if she loves pink, she loves pink. Violet, on the other hand, has a blue room and different passions, and I wouldn't discourage either of them for loving what they love whether society accepts it or doesn't accept it. So, we opted for shades of Chemise (139) and Mischief (13). Our finish was in 'Intelligent Matt'.

Decorating was a slow process, and with life getting in the way as usual, I can only thank Little Greene for their patience! The Chef works long hours and I undertook the decorating myself while he was at work, and tackled the room bit by bit. The quality of the paint was immediately evident, going onto the undesirable woodchip wallpaper with ease. I used a roller for the bulk of the work and a trusty old paintbrush for the edging. As I may have mentioned, getting perfect edging on [terribly applied] woodchip is basically impossible, but I was relieved to find that the paint was of such quality that I could even neaten up the edges by putting the lighter shade over the darker shade (thank god).

You can see even from the photographs where the god awful wallpaper is lifting off and unevenly cornered, but short of stripping the entire room I had no option to just paint over. Any tips on fixes for this would be greatly appreciated!

The paint went straight onto miserable magnolia and two coats was all that was needed, even with the darker shade. There was no patching from where I'd started and stopped, and overall I don't think I can fault anything.

Pricing wise, Little Greene are in a similar bracket to Farrow and Ball and Annie Sloan, and I was surprised to find out not incredibly more expensive than similar Dulux products. For the quality that you get here, for me, the extra is always worth it and I wouldn't ever touch anything less expensive, as you can guarantee it's not going to be worth the extra work applying more coats or the lack of durability.

All in all, I can say with confidence that I would certainly recommend Little Greene and I will be using their paints again in the future. Oh, and Rose adores her room!


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