It's official. I'm back on the wagon!

I went for my first run Tuesday since the baby was born. It's been all most a year since I had my last run and I was dreading getting back out there.

I decided to have a no pressure jog to gauge my fitness levels and see what kind of pace I was looking at starting from. There are limited routes from our village so I decided to head up the "back lane" (every self respecting village has one!) and back as man times as I sensibly could. Having completed my first relay, I realised the lane is all most exactly half a mile long, so decided to set a goal of three times there and back. It's on a slight incline so it made for a tougher first half mile but a very pleasant end to each mile.

My pace was slow to begin with, but I soon found my rhythm and ended up averaging a steady 11:34 minute mile. After I'd reached 3 miles, I decided to push it to 3.2 miles just to say I'd done a little over 5k, by adding on some sprints at the end. Not bloody bad!

This was also my first run with the dickhead dog (love her really) who got terribly excited upon setting off, thinking this must mean she should jump up and bark, and then again each time I changed direction. She also did her best to trip me up on several occasions but ultimately did not succeed in her plot to kill or maim me. Eventually, she decided instead to amuse herself with a giant stick (log) meaning she couldn't then keep up. I was just too speedy, obviously.

The thing about running is that it can be quite a solitary activity, especially if it's difficult to get to a running club or similar. In actual fact, I probably love running so much because it is so solitary, but I do miss a bit of the healthy competitiveness and friendly support you get from running with others.

So, if you are a runner too I'm inviting you to share your advice, experiences and support, either tell me about it in the comments, on Twitter @IndigoChlo or if you are on Strava like me, let's connect!
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