Skirrid Fawr & Raglan Castle

We all know that the Summer holidays are a time for carefree fun, sunny pursuits and wholesome family joy. Don't we?

Instagram and Twitter feeds are always full of these supposedly perfect family escapades, and I have also been sharing the shit out of all the stuff we have been up to this week. It might seem like a lot, but actually, Summer holidays are hard.

We had a great day this week climbing Skirrid Fawr which is a little (ish) mountain on our doorstep. It wasn't until I got halfway down and met friends who were on the way and were impressed that I'd managed to get Rose, Violet, the dog and the Passenger (I'm 6 months now) up there on my own that I realised it was actually quite an achievement.

I thought I had completely cracked this whole Alpha Mum routine and the rest of the week would be a breeze.

Cue me crying in the car the next day after visiting the historic Raglan Castle: The dog had been misbehaving; I was exhausted still from the previous day; we were way over dressed for the unexpected heat and the dog had spilled her water all over the car.

Such is life, and I've learnt that sunglasses are a key tool in these situations. In the end I sucked it up, we went for lunch and all was well.

Now Violet has gone back to her Dad's and all is peaceful. A little too peaceful. Looking forward to some quality Rose time though, and focusing on getting things together before the Passenger makes her way out of my womb and into this world.

If you're in this part of the country, be sure to make time for a mountain walk or a castle visit. It's worth the tears, I promise.

Raglan Castle

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