As you may have heard, there was some snow.

My social feeds have been full of the white stuff. It started off with people enjoying it: building snowmen; sledging and generally revelling over the weekend. Then, as the novelty wore off, the posts quickly turned to moaning about the inconvenience of the whole thing. Typical bloody British.

Personally, I've been loving it.

We live half way up a valley so our house saw about a foot of the stuff and it all looked bloody magical.

There's something about out of the ordinary weather that is so very exciting and refreshing, and makes me feel quite happy. Does anyone else feel that? With last week being such a mixed bag of a week, it was lovely to have a break from the norm and enjoy some weather-enforced family time. Even my first time driving in such shit conditions felt like an adventure (after we'd dug the car out) and wasn't as terrifying as I'd imagined.

School was out for Rose yesterday, which was a treat as I don't think she's ever had a day off school due to snow. We ventured into town for hot chocolate and a cheeky half, enjoying the buzz that seemed to emanate from people in the chaos of it all. School is open again today and The Chef is back to work so a little normality is restored, but I still feel like there's enough disruption to blame anything I haven't done on the weather.

"Couldn't do the laundry today because of the snow, however I did make this elaborate snow sculpture for the artistic betterment of the village."

In all seriousness, it's been a wonderful few days and a relief to feel a little more human, and a little less sleep deprived thanks to an impromptu lie in over the weekend. Here's to it continuing into the latter end of the week and beyond.

I hope you've all been enjoying it too… let me see your best snow images over on facebook – I can't get enough!

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