Spring has sprung, or at least it did for a day or two, but now we're back to rain and cold here in Wales again.

I felt a burst of inspiration for about five minutes and then fell back into a slump again. I feel terribly inconsistent and to be honest I feel like I'm not putting my best, worst or any boots forward at the moment. I also know I'm letting people down by being so shit, so to all involved in Best Boot Forward, take this as my official apology.

I can't promise that I will be immaculately consistent every week but I do pledge to be more proactive than I have been. For myself and for all others involved.

Best Boot Forward has a rule of no negative self talk, which I am breaking slightly today but only by way of acknowledgement and to work through my crap week.

The Chef has been off work and while it's always lovely to have extra time with him, I struggle when my routine is upset. For all my spontaneity and impulsiveness, I can be a total creature of habit and if my days are disrupted it utterly floors me. I think this is why I struggle with changes of plans and the such too. I am also incredibly lazy at times. It's either full blown dedication and productivity or nothing – there is very little middle ground.

I have also suffered from not having a social media scheduler that works effectively, after changes to the one I currently use. As mentioned, I do not deal with change well so finding something else that suits me, is effective and doesn't cost an arm and a leg has left my search ongoing. Any suggestions welcome!

That said, I have been managing to do some freelance work, and I have been spending much more time outdoors.

This week's theme for Best Boot Forward was "Springing into action" and though I don't feel as though I've done that exactly, I have enjoyed being more active, going on walks and taking time to spend with the family. I also treated myself to a couple of new pairs of jeans recently, my favourite of which are fittingly summery! I have been wearing them to death, and with my recent new haircut too I am feeling much more myself.

Kate challenged us to write a poem too. I'm not much of a poet, however, here is a little haiku:-

Spring into action?
Easier said than done, mate;
Let's just drink some wine

I'm here all week.

Finally, I haven't made anything per se, but I have bought myself some art supplies which I will be using to paint something nice for the baby's nursery. I also finished painting our dining room table. I'd started it before the snow and then had to abandon the project until there was a guarantee of no rain. It is now a very dignified white legged farmhouse table with a lovely sanded and varnished top.

So, a mixed bag of a week but not all bad!

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  • Oh I hear you about the interruptions. Peter has a habit of coming home early on ‘clean the house days’ then ignores where I’ve told him I’ve just mopped and if he leaves later for work or just announces he’s working from home I could strangle him. I may have nothing to do, but it’s my nothing lol

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