Top Picks: Sumptuous Sofas

Since we moved into our new house, I have been longing for a new sofa.

My long time sofa love is the Louis sofa from Habitat. When Rose was small, I had a Christmas temp job at Habitat which I absolutely loved. I worked in the kitchenware department which was essentially heaven for me, but I forever lusted after Louis, in purple velvet. These days I think I would be more inclined towards a dark grey choice, rather than the classic purple. Presently, I've not quite got to the stage where I can justify spending so much on a sofa, but a girl can have her goals.

I have always had second hand sofas and never seen the point in buying new, particularly in a house with both children and pets, but recently I've had this obsession with finding the perfect sofa – so much so that I have dedicated a Pinterest board to my quest.

The picks on the board range from the constrained and sensible to the sublime and ridiculously priced. I have a major love for mustard and am crushing hard on anything velvet too. At the other end of the spectrum, I adore a Chesterfield in dark leather and anything with classical curves.

What is your dream sofa? Drop me a link below to your ideal choice or share your Pinterest inspiration with me!

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