Top Tips: Moving Home

Studies have shown that one of the most stressful things a person can do is moving home. Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, packing up your whole life and moving it to somewhere new can be exciting, scary, and most certainly daunting and overwhelming.

Having never been a homeowner, always renting privately, I have become something of a pro at moving. In the past 10 years, I have moved house 13 times, sometimes through choice and sometimes not. This can be an expensive business and a the uncertainty of renting can really take it's toll on you.

My biggest move was moving from Yorkshire to Wales. I learned a lot of lessons about minimalism; the benefits of being organised, and the importance of ensuring anyone you rely on check out! So, here are my tips for making your house move as stress-free as possible.

Declutter first

It's obvious, but I cannot stress enough the benefits of getting rid of unwanted stuff. You can start decluttering before you start packing, and make extra money if you have anything car-boot or eBay worthy. Facebook is also a great selling place, as you don't have to faff around with postage and such, but beware the unreliable no-show!

Pack room by room and label well

We've all been there when moving house – there's something vital and you have no idea which box it's in. If you're super organised, you can write an inventory for each box, but simply packing room by room and labeling each box with "kitchen appliances", "office files", etc. will probably serve you just as well. That way, you simply dump the boxes in the correct room and unpack from there!

Banana boxes are your friend!

If you are hiring a removal van you can often get boxes provided for you, depending on the company. Otherwise, the absolute best boxes to use are banana boxes, which you can get for free from your local supermarket. They stack brilliantly, are totally sturdy and have lids as well as bases to stop damage when stacking.

Be smart with packing, stacking and packaging

You'll definitely need to stock up on newspaper for packing those breakables, and you may want to use some bubble wrap to protect those delicate items (save and recycle this or invest in some eco-wrap if you're worried about using plastics non-degradable plastics) but you can also get clever with your packing. Use tea towels to keep knives together and safe, or to buffer those heavier kitchen appliances. Blankets, cushions and throws can be used to slip in between boxes to keep them from clattering together in the van or car and bags full of bedding or clothes can help safely weigh down wobbly stacks of boxes.

Budget wisely

Easier said than done, but budgeting wisely can take out a lot of the worries of moving. Be aware of all the fees you'll need to pay and when, and be prepared for any unexpected charges that may come up. As mentioned before, making a bit of extra cash from decluttering can really come in handy too.

Use reliable contractors

If you are contracting anything out, ensure you check out the company beforehand. Remember, the cheaper option is not always the best value option. I once used an extremely dodgy removal and storage company who were just horrendous and added more stress to my move than anything else.


So there you have it, a little bit of wisdom from a thirteen times mover. Share your best moving tips or stories in the comments!

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