What We Wore #1

I absolutely adore shopping for clothes for the girls. I believe in paying for long lasting quality (in all most everything) over buying cheap, disposable tat and as a result they have a lot of beautiful things that have lasted well, and can be passed down.

I love dressing the girls in bright, beautiful outfits. Sometimes traditional and sometimes a little more modern. Whatever they wear, they usually rock it.

I thought I should also apply this to me. We all know how being a parent can take a toll on the time we spend pampering ourselves and I am certainly no exception to this. I'd like this to change and so as well as sharing with you some of my girls outfits I'll also occasionally be taking a turn and showing you what I wore!

Today we start with the littlest first, so here's Violet:


Floral long sleeve dress: Marks & Spencer
Leggings with button detail: Hand me downs from Rose from Next
Brown ankle boots: Bobux bought at TK Maxx
Frilly socks for added cuteness (hand me downs!)





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